Formulation and implementation of Personnel Management Policies, Procedures and Guidelines

Biometric Enrollment

Manpower Planning and Development

Keeping Personnel Records

The Sokoto State Civil Service

Who We Are
We are the gate-keepers of the Government, guided by the following civil service principles;
Merit System
What We Do
Formulation and implementation of Government policies on Personnel Matters.
Formulation and implementation of Policies, Procedures and Guidelines.
Biometric Enrollment
Manpower Planning and Development
Keeping Personnel Records
What We Offer
We deliver high quality and efficient public services.
We give The Government the support it needs in pursing long-term public interests.
We safeguard the Civil Service that serves all citizens of the Caliphate State .

About The Office of The Head of Civil Service


The Office of the Head of Civil Service was re-established as a separate Office under the Governor by the AYIDA Civil Service Reform of 1998 with a view to insulating the Office and invariably the Civil Service from direct partisan politics and give it the attention it deserves. The reform was subsequently adopted in the 1999 constitution under Chapter 6, Section 206.

The Office of the Head of Civil Service is the focal point of the entire administrative machinery of the Government in the State. Activities of all Ministries, Parastatals, Departments, Boards and Commissions under Permanent Secretaries and other Chief Executives are co-ordinated under the administrative supervision of the Head of Civil Service. It formulates and implements personnel management policies, procedures and guidelines. It is also responsible for the categorisation of Ministries and Parastatals according to their professions or cadres. The Office maintains constant touch with the Judiciary and Legislature through Offices of the Clerk to the House, Secretary of Judicial Service Commission and Chief Registrars of High Court and Shariah Court.


The Core responsibilities of Head of Civil Service which borders on general establishment and civil service include

Providing leadership and direction to the Civil Service by maintaining high morale esprit-de-corps and good image of the Service
Fostering professionalism among Civil Servants
Promoting good relations between Commissioners and other Political Office Holders on the one hand and Permanent Secretaries and other civil servants on the other hand
Career development of all Senior Management Staff (GL.13 and above), including training schemes of such officers
Establishment Matters of Civil Service
Providing management Service to the Civil Service
Personnel records and statistics of the Civil Service
Staff Salaries, wages and allowances of the Civil Service
In attendance at the State Executive Council Meetings
Co-ordinating industrial relation of the Civil Service and providing the Secretariat for the Public Service Negotiating Labour Union Members
Liaising with National Council on Establishment
Civil Service Welfare Matters
Providing staff for newly established MDAs and ad-hoc bodies



Cabinet Office, Usman Faruku Secretariat, Forces Avenue, Sokoto, Nigeria


+234 80 2 444 2263



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